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How will I recognise my soul mate?

The issue of soul mates is a contentious one and for as long as one can remember, there have been arguments about the accuracy of the belief.

I am of the opinion that soul mates exists but not in the sense that you might think.

The general idea of soul mates that many people seem to have is that there is someone out there somewhere with whom their heart will instantly just merge and an imperishable love will blossom.

A narrative driven mostly by romantic movies and books, this idea of soul mates is just idealistic, misleading and unsuitable for real life situations as far as I’m concerned.

While I agree that there are people you meet and things just flow easily between you but then, having a strong beginning with someone, or quickly finding a rhythm with them does translate them into soulmates. It takes more than that to decide this.

For me, relationship with a soul mate is forged over time, a bond woven around shared experiences, difficult moments, blissful seasons and a growing und…

“I earn N600,000 per movie” — Regina Daniels + Her net worth

17-year-old actress, Regina Daniels is on the cover of House of Maliq’s latest issue, and in an interview with the magazine she revealed she earns about N600,000 per movie as she was introduced into the movie industry at a very tender age by her mother.
House of Maliq also revealed her estimated net worth to be $350,000, Making her the richest teen actress in Nigeria, Good for her, Wale ojo also graced the cover..
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