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Dakwambo as a shining light of PDP

Most Nigerians have since lost faith in the All Progressives Congress (APC)-led Federal Government. The current hardship of fuel scarcity being experienced by Nigerians during the Yuletide period has further worsened the loss of popularity by the APC government.

It is no gainsaying that Nigerians are seriously yearning for an alternative to the APC; but it must be a far better option for that matter.

One individual who stands out amongst the gladiators in the opposition PDP that have so far made their presidential ambition known is Ibrahim Dakwambo, governor of Gombe State. He is undoubtedly the best marketable presidential material for the PDP. Since Nigerians have evidently become disillusioned as a result of countless of broken promises of the APC; only a man of known performance and integrity like Dakwambo could readily appeal to the electorate during the 2019 presidential election.

It is amply evident that the long-suffering Nigerians have had enough of gerontocracy while majori…