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How to Find Out if Someone Has a Crush on You

Daydreaming about whether someone likes you or not can be tough. Fortunately, there are many behaviors you can watch for that may give you your answer. This wikiHow will give you some advice on how to find out if someone has a crush on you.

Method One of Three:
Observing Body Language

Take note of heavy eye contact. If he is constantly staring at you, or in your direction, it may be because he has a crush on you. Try to pay attention to the difference between a normal stare when having a conversation versus a more intense, lustful glare. A lot of eye contact is one way he will try to gain your interest and get you to notice him. [1]When you catch him looking at you, see if he pretends to look somewhere else. This is a good sign he has a crush.Try standing out of his sight to see if he moves in a way where he can see you again. For example, if you two are talking in a group of people, stand behind someone so he can't see you. Then, watch to see if he positions himself in a new spot that allows him to see you.

See how close he gets to you. If he tries to stand close to you at parties, or sits next to you at lunch, chances are he has a major crush on you. This is his way of getting as physically close to you as he can to express how he cares and enjoys being near you.

Look at his hand gestures. People express their emotions with their body language, and that includes hands. Girls are known to flip their hair or gently touch the shoulder or hand of the person they are crushing on. Guys tend to talk more with their hands when talking to girls they have a crush on because they are excited. [2]

Pay attention to awkward behavior. If he blushes around you, laughs uncontrollably for almost no reason, can't look you in the eye, or fidgets a lot, then you have your answer. These are all tell-tale signs of someone who is crushing.[3]

See if he mirrors your behavior. A common sign of attraction can be shown through imitation. When people do this, they do not even realize it. Watch for someone using common words or catch phrases you say or talking about things you are interested in to relate with you more.[4]

Method Two of Three:
Watching for Obvious SignsEdit

Notice if she follows you on social media. One big indicator that someone is totally into you is by checking to see if that person has reached out to you via social media. This means someone is thinking about you when you are not together and wants to learn more about your personal life.[5]

Watch for text messages that don't have any real meaning. If she sends you a text message just to see what you are doing, or texts you all day long, then she probably can't get you off of her mind. Constant communication is a clear sign that she has a crush on you.[6]

Watch for gentle teasing. If someone has a crush on you, she may lightly make fun of you, not to hurt your feelings, but to make you smile. There is a common method of flirtation. [7]Along with teasing, watch for funny conversations. Chances are, she will try to keep conversations light and funny to get you to laugh, if she has a crush on you.

Look for a cleaned up appearance. It can be hard to tell if someone always tries to look their best, or if it is for you. If you are Facebook friends, try looking at her photos to get a sense of what her appearance is like when you two are not around each other. If it seems that she tries to look at her best only around you, then you know she is trying to impress you.[8]

Watch for special gifts. If someone stops at a shop you love to buy you a special gift, or surprises you with a little treat, then it is a sign of a crush. She wants to make you happy with her small gestures of affection and show you that she cares.[9]

See how available she is to you. If someone is always willing to spend time with you and never misses a chance to see you, then you can be sure she has a crush on you. Watch to see if she attends the same parties as you or cancels on other plans to hang out with you.[10]

Pay attention to compliments. If someone is crushing on you, be ready for compliments about even the smallest changes you make. Someone who likes you will notice when you get a haircut or buy a new pair of shoes, and she will let you know about that new change with a compliment.[11]

Method Three of Three

find out what that person says about you to friends. If he is talking highly of you around his friends or family, or brings your name up whenever he gets a chance, he may have a crush on you. It shows you are always on his mind, and he can't help but to talk about you. If you have the opportunity, try asking his friends questions about what he says when you are not around. Here is a way you could ask:"Do you know if he is dating anyone? I never hear him say anything, and I am just curious."

Ask your friends what they think. Your friends are great resources to turn to because they may have noticed or heard things you have not. Ask them if they have seen him give you any lustful glares, or if he talks about you when you are not around. Your friends should give you the honest truth."Do you know if he likes anyone? Have you heard anything about who he is into?""Have you noticed him acting different around me? Do you think he treats me like a friend or something more?"

Be direct and ask him. One of the best ways to find out how someone is feeling is to muster up the courage and ask. It can be a difficult thing to do, for both of you, but it is the only way you will know for sure. Here are a couple ways you can ask:"Hey, I have been wondering something lately. Do you like me more than a friend?"If you like him back, you could say, "I have been wanting to talk to you about something. I have a crush on you, and I was wondering if you feel the same way?"

10 Second Summary

1. Note how they act around you. Look for eye contact, closeness, and fidgeting.
2. Check to see if they follow you on social media, and how often they text you.
3. Listen to what they say to you and about you.
4. Consider asking your friends for their opinion.
5. Try asking him or her directly.

Hang out with your potential crush once in a while. Get to know each other better.

Do not be unkind to your potential crush when he or she is around you.

If you don't really like your crush, keep that to yourself. Otherwise, you will hurt his or her feelings.

If you don't like the person that's crushing on you, don't lead them on. It can really hurt their feelings.


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