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Nigerians react to Fr. Mbaka’s prophecy on Buhari

Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka, the spiritual director, Adoration Ministry, Enugu, has come under attack by Nigerians over his 2019 prophecies.

Mbaka in his new year message had declared that Buhari would be totally disgraced if he takes a shot at the presidency after his current tenure.

Some Nigerians who seem not to have forgotten the preacher’s support for Buhari in 2015 elections have asked him to stop politicising and face the word of God.

At the same pulpit three years ago, he had prophesied that then President Goodluck Jonathan would be defeated in the 2015 election and also supported Buhari’s change.

Here are some comments:

@kingmethods “Fr. Mbaka, how market?before 2015 general elections, you said Buhari is the only person that can save Nigeria. And now before 2019 general election you are saying….Buhari, contest and be disgraced.
“Fr. Mbaka Face your church and leave IPOB and Nigerian politics alone!!! Religion and politics don’t go together

@ekanem “Political reverend, you are a wolve in sheep’s clothing, you have no place in Christianity ,you have made your stomach your god and have defrauded the gullibles, the law of Kama will catch up with you soon

@dukemomoh “I wonder why this pastors normally use the situation on ground that we are all aware of to predict what will happen every time we are witnessing a new year.
They should stop disturbing us. Na mumu dem go fit deceive.

@elisha “Mbaka at it again. Mbaka why? Part Three(3). I thought this is your man or could this be a rejoinder to Jonathan’s.

@Moses “Fr. Politician Mbarka! You brought in Buhari!! you are sending him packing again!!

@Oparah “But you said he is the messiah in 2015 abi no be you again.

@Kanu “Stop politicking and face your ministry.

@Chinonye “Don’t take your words serious anymore ! you told us good luck was bad luck to us n Buhary was God sent, now another story ,please God is not an author of confusion

@Ogechime “Mbaka shut up!!! You put us in this mess in the first place.

@julius Stop playing God!!! Almighty God is still using PMB! He is on God own assignment, he will carry it out to the last letter! So retrace your step prophet Mbaka. For your information God will not allow Corruption to kill our country Nigeria

@edward “It’s unfortunate that most of our men of God in the Christiandom have abandoned their calling an concentrate on so-called prophecy to gain patronage and that is exactly Wat father mbaka is doing wit the greatest respect

@anang “Pure fake prophecy. I can tell you if the North want Buhari to be president and Buhari is willing to contest, its easy for him to win. Its not rocker science to read or understand the permutations and narratives of political alignment in Nigeria.
@Stanley “The battle for 2019 has started. It is only a fool that will encourage Buhari to context election again in Nigeria. A government that cannot successful handle minor administrative issues of vetting list appointment.

@Felix Anybody can lose in any election, nothing is new about it. Again, can’t you focus on soul winning and leave politics for politicians?

@Suleyman He is not God. You’re just an ordinary human being using a guess work. His prophecy is based on guess work.

@Abubakar “When this man spoke against some actions of the Jonathan administration, people said he has been bought by the then opposition. Now that he speaks against some actions of the Buhari Administration, has he been bought by the present opposition? One cannot say what is what unless he sides with a particular inclination?

@kelechi “Fr Mbaka has his personal opinion. We should respect man of God but let him tell us why he supported PMB election…. there are more to it.


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