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Tips on how to charge your phone battery

No matter how good the battery is on your smartphone, if you're using it heavily, it will barely last you an entire day.

For some people the reality is even worse, with an old iPhone 5 I used to have, if I managed to get eight hours of life from it, I'd consider myself very lucky.

Things got even worse as the battery aged.
But, there's a long-held belief that charging your smartphone in short bursts will cause long term damage to the batteries, and you're better off waiting until they're close to dead before charging them.

But this isn't true according to a site belonging to battery company Cadex called Battery University.
They argue that leaving your phone plugged in when it's fully charged (like say, if you put it charging overnight) is bad for the battery in the long run.

Once your phone reaches the desired 100% battery when it's plugged in, it receives "trickle charges" to maintain the battery at full charge. This keeps the battery high-s…

OMG! Gov Okorocha gets lost while watching hot dancers at Calabar Carnival

The Gov who shocked people with his 'Erections' and Appointing his sister Commissioner for happiness can also be shocked by something?lol

I have a short video of Gov Rochas and Gov Ben Ayade  watching some dancers at the Calabar carnival and every time the naked girls with jumping boobs were shown,Gov Rochas had his mouth open in is so hilarious that i thought i should share with you.....

I don't care if Juliet Ibrahim is older than me. Iceberg

US born Nigerian rapper, Olusegun Olowokere better known by his stage name, Iceberg Slim, says he is not bothered if people think his girlfriend, Ghanaian actress Juliet Ibrahim, is older or richer than him.

In an interview with Punch, Iceberg said the opinion of other people on his relationship does not matter.

He said:

“We are actually the same age and she is not taller than me, except when she wears shoes with high heels. I don’t care if people think she is older than me or she has more money.

A relationship is shared between the two people involved in it so if anybody has anything to say about our relationship, they should feel free, but it does not faze us.

I mean, even Jesus Christ was criticised, so who are we? Anybody can say anything about us because, at the end of the day, everybody has freedom of speech. Whatever they say does not faze us because we know what we saw in each other.”

On how they met and started a relationship, Iceberg Slim revealed:

“I met Juliet Ibrahim in Durban, …

Revealed!! This Is Why Nobody Wants To Buy Michael Jackson’s Neverland Mansion -This Will Shock You (With Photos

The amusement park rides and wild animals are long gone, but if you’re interested in buying Michael Jackson’s most famous home, it’s a lot more affordable these days.

Neverland Ranch, which failed to find a buyer after the King of Pop’s death, is being reintroduced to the market, with a giant price cut and a new name.

The property, which has been saddled with the more homogenized moniker “Sycamore Valley Ranch,” carries a $67 million price tag.

That’s a $33 million drop from the original asking price two years ago.

While it no longer has some of its iconic features, Neverland (yeah, we’re gonna keep calling it that — sorry, Coldwell Banker) is still a unique piece of property.

Located about 30 minutes from downtown Santa Barbara, California, it spans 2,700 acres and includes a mountain on the grounds that Jackson named after his mother. The estate boasts live oaks that are more than 100 years old and borders the Los Padres National Forest.

There’s also a movie theater that seats 50…

Churches and Mosques in Lagos to pay tax

A bill that would review land use charge in Lagos state has gone through second reading on the floor of the state House of Assembly during plenary on Thursday, December 28.

The law tagged:“A Bill for A Law To Repeal The Land Use Charge Law 2001 and Enact Land Use Charge 2017 and For Connected Purposes” was subsequently committed to the House Ad-hoc Committee on Finance headed by Yinka Ogundimu representing Agege II, New Telegraph reports. .

Speaker of the House, Hon. Mudashiru Obasa, said the law was all about increasing the revenue generation of the state.

He said that the House would not exempt religious organisations in the law “because most of the worship centres are making money.

”We could only exempt Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs).”

Obasa observed that a situation where a few consultants were working with the state governments on the collection of land use charge was not good enough, calling for increase in the number of consultants.

He said: “We need more consultants to do the…

Super Eagles' Star, Kenneth Omeruo set to marry today

Beautiful Chioma Nnamani will marry Super Eagles' Kenneth Omeruo, today in Enugu state....

Nollywood Stars storm Calabar Carnival

Nollywood stars Lilian Bach,Segun Arinze,Okey Bakassi ,Rachel Oniga,Shan George,Samuel Ajibola et al 'Repping' at the 2017 Calabar Carnival....