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Liberia: 'Liberty Party Dumps Boakai'

Women protest outside the Elections Commission offices.

It appears that the marriage that was between Liberty Party and Unity Party during the legal process against the National Elections Commission (NEC) relative to irregularities and fraud in the October 10 polls has fallen apart, with top executives of the party endorsing Ambassador George M. Weah of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) in the run-off.

It was widely believed that Liberty Party would have supported the Unity Party in the run-off since they collaborated in the legal process against the electoral body.

But on Thursday, top executives of Liberty Party including its Vice Standard Bearer Harrison Karnwea, National Chairman Ben Sanvee, Campaign CEO Musa Bility, Vice Chairman Darius Dillon, among others, have backed the candidacy of Ambassador Weah.

Speaking on behalf of Liberty Party, Chairman Sanvee said Liberia is at a cross-road; as such, it is important to support a candidate who has the vision to deliver the country.

He said even though they disagreed to agree, however, the country's interest should be considered paramount to everyone.

Sanvee said they are not endorsing CDC to sit down, but to work in making sure that Amb. Weah becomes the next president and Sen. Jewel Howard Taylor becomes the first female Vice President in the history of Liberia.

He said Liberty Party believes that change must happen for the betterment of the young generation, saying 'this is our time; our days have been difficulties and delays on the way."

Chairman Sanvee said Sen. Weah's story is the Liberian people's story; as such, he needs not to let them down but to work for the interest of all Liberians.

"They call you all sort of names, but you are the people's choice," Sanvee said amidst thunderous applause.

The Liberty Party Chairman said victory is certain for the CDC and promised to do all they can to ensure victory.

"Sen. Weah and Sen. Taylor, we endorse your candidacy because Liberians have spoken and we as leaders must listen; we ask all to be humble and accept victory," Sanvee said.

Making remarks, Ambassador Weah accepted the endorsement and promised to uphold the trust and confidence reposed in him by Liberty Party and others.

However, he called on Liberians not to abandon the government when CDC wins, saying "everyone has an idea that can better transform our country. It is not enough to elect a government and sit down and expect it to do everything... you have to work with it to achieve your aspirations and dreams."

The CDC strongman said he intends to lead Liberia for 12 years because he wants to make a significant impact on the lives of the people.

He called on CDCians and supporters of the party not to be complacent that they have won, saying "the old car that has been parked for 12 years, parts could be found to move faster again; therefore, be focused; try to service your new car so it can move faster."

Ambassador Weah cautioned CDCians not to celebrate Christmas in a way that will make them unable to vote on December 26.

He told CDCians that they are about to make history; as such, they should not engage in activities during the festive season that will deny them of such history.

Ambassador Weah promised to form a government that will bring everyone on board irrespective of political affiliation or ethnic background.


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